The Establishment

In 1993, a group of businessmen in the United Arab Emirates, and in cooperation with a group of information technology specialists had established Computec IT

A distribution company sought to offer a cutting edge compared to other companies serving the industry which were foreign to the area culture and background. We had faith in our potential because we believed that progress and growth are inherent to the understanding of our client’s partners - needs through a one-to-one communication, and considering them as a real business partners.

Based on that concept, our company started its activity in the computer components distribution domain, offering a distinguished services since its goal was to establish balanced business relations taking into consideration the interest of each and every party: manufacturers, vendors, whole sellers, and end consumers.

Striving to offer high quality after sales services, first quality product at competitive prices, and staying in touch with the clients to fulfill their technical and commercial needs, solving whatever obstacle they might face. The Company stood out of the crowd with a strategy that other companies with their low prices and low quality and poor after sale services failed to offer...

Mission and Vision

Our company’s philosophy, ever since is establishment, was to consider its clients. suppliers , employees, as a long term business partners, we never deal with the other parts in the business circle as a tools to get benefits , for us a stable, straight, and a transparency long term win-win relations, accumulated with a personal level perceptive , was the target benefit.

The well chosen products, services, solutions and applications with the right price, logistics, and excellent after sales support, which we provide our partners with, will lead to their success and the fruitful progress of their business, will reflect automatically in our own success and progress.

That was our philosophy ever since our establishment .However simple. It has proved-and beyond all expectations - efficiency all the way through the past thirteen years.

Today, information and communications technologies are moving at fast pace, the coming era as we perceive it, needs professional and efficient establishments belonging to the region’s same culture, which enables them to fully understand the fast changing local needs of individuals and companies. Establishments which would also enjoy wide vision, organizational skills, creativity, with a progressive scientific basis, and deep knowledge of global changes in the world of information and communications, in addition to a large PR network with the worldwide leaders in information technologies industry.

Therefore we believe that our coming mission, in respect of the company’s philosophy, aims at developing and investing in the human capital of our executives, as well as their wide experiences and strong contacts with the current leaders companies in digital solutions domain.

Our aim is to get our company grow and develop through providing quality solutions to real problems, contributing thus to the spirit of competitiveness among society individuals, companies, and various institutions, which would in turn have a positive impact on the overall economical growth.

Future outlook

We will never stop … Our vision is not restricted to a fixed period of time

we always strive to be one of the industry largest groups operating in the region.

We also strive incessantly to develop our progressive potential for the conception and execution of integrated solutions to cater to the diverse needs of small and medium size businesses in addition,

We keep training and updating our executives and reinforcing our competitive edge by establishing more specialized units and companies because we believe in the equation instituted by the digital era: offering integrated services is only possible through the integration of expertise.